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Want to feel bold, confident, courageous and excited about your goals and mission? But maybe you're feeling scared? Perhaps secretly self-sabotaging? Feeding your fears more than your dreams?

Clare Josa's Ditching Imposter Syndrome podcast shares proven strategies, behind-the-scenes interviews and inspirational how-to for clearing out the hidden blocks that keep us stuck, dreaming big but playing small.

Listen each week and even binge-listen the archives and you'll discover:

  • how to tackle secret fears
  • how to turn your inner critic into your biggest cheerleader
  • how to clear out limiting beliefs
  • how to make comfort zone stretch a non-scary adventure
  • ... and how to ditch Imposter Syndrome!

...  all without pretending, white-washing or 'pushing on through the fear' (which actually makes things worse).

The Ditching Imposter Syndrome Podcast

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Bite-Sized, Practical Inspiration For
Becoming The Real You

Clare Josa is the best-selling author of Ditching Imposter Syndrome (readers in over 30 countries) and has specialised in the field for the past 18 years.

So if you want to make the 2020s the decade that you finally get to make the impact you have been dreaming of, then let Clare's upbeat, practical approach empower and inspire you to create breakthroughs in ways that are fast, fun and forever.

No more 'coping'! You deserve to thrive. The world needs you now. And the Ditching Imposter Syndrome Podcast shows you how.

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This Week's Episode

Do men get Imposter Syndrome? Surely it's just women? Are men somehow immune to it? What does our latest research study really say? Want to know some surprising differences between the sexes? And

This episode of the Ditching Imposter Syndrome podcast is for you, if you've ever felt that flinch when you're about to go and do something and imposter syndrome is kicking in... and you

What you'll discover today Listen now Essential resources for this topic Prefer the transcript? Read it here. Here's what you'll discover with this episode: What does Clare Josa's latest research study say about

What do the 4 Ps of Imposter Syndrome tell us about predicting burnout? What's the scientific link between Imposter Syndrome and burnout? And why does the '3 Pillars' model hold the key to

One of the most common questions I get asked about Imposter Syndrome is how you can spot the warning signs. They're masters of disguise.So, back in 2018, I used our long-term research studies

Have you ever tried New Year Resolutions and found they were ancient history by the end of the first week? It's not your fault!In today's Ditching Imposter Syndrome episode I'm sharing the little-known

If you've hit a wall with DIY Google methods of clearing your Imposter Syndrome and you're ready to hire a professional to help, then this episode is especially for you. No, I'm not

Why does Imposter Syndrome skyrocket during Christmas? The holiday season can deliver a snowball of Imposter Syndrome triggers making the next week an incredibly difficult time for anyone suffering from Imposter Syndrome.There is

Who is really to blame for you experiencing imposter syndrome? This is an important question that I recently answered at a Q&A session. This episode is for everyone who feels like they have

Do you want to offer more than a 'tea and sympathy' approach to your colleagues or clients with imposter syndrome? 25% of your team are actively thinking about quitting their job every single

Last week we talked about the praise-criticism rollercoaster. And today I'm sharing with you one of my favourite techniques that you can start using, right away, to get off it!This episode is for

Are you stuck on the praise-criticism rollercoaster? And what role might Imposter Syndrome be playing for you in feedback?This episode is for you if whenever somebody praises you, you're silently thinking of the

How do toxic teammates trigger Imposter Syndrome?This is for you if you figure you've generally got Imposter Syndrome under control, and you're handling it, but there's that one person who has the secret

How can you tell if your company is a secret breeding ground for Imposter Syndrome? This episode is for you if you work for an organisation where you secretly think that maybe it's

Imposter Syndrome and the curse of comparisonitis! This is for you if you ever catch yourself doom-scrolling and feeling so much worse by the end of it, because everybody else seems to have

We're talking about how to speak up with your idea, even if you're secretly scared you'll sound stupid. This is incredibly common!This impacts everything from sharing your ideas in meetings and reports, even

Surely everyone should have Imposter Syndrome, because if you don't, it means you're not pushing yourself hard enough?This falls under one of the super-common Imposter Syndrome myths: that you need Imposter Syndrome to

Imposter Syndrome: would a rose by any other name smell as stinky?Should we be renaming Imposter Syndrome? Or should we be loud and proud about it? What are the risks and benefits of

Do you have an equivalent to finding your keys in the fridge??? Discover in today's episode what this teaches us about Imposter Syndrome's self-sabotage strategies. This episode is for you if you know

There's a lot of talk about Imposter Syndrome these days, but did you know it doesn't just impact individuals, it can harm teams too?In fact, when someone gets promoted to the level where their old coping strategies

Today we're talking about why you need to forget focusing on mindset, if you want to overcome Imposter Syndrome, despite mindset being the single most-commonly recommended strategy on the internet to clear it...

Do you ever tell yourself you just need to be more confident, to get past Imposter Syndrome? Or are you told it by others?In this episode of the Ditching Imposter Syndrome podcast you'll

With 15% of people having considered quitting their job in the past week due to Imposter Syndrome (yes, you read that right), it's long overdue that we remove the taboo in talking about

Have you ever had your mind go totally blank when you're asked a question in a meeting, only to have the answer you wanted to give miraculously pop up, the moment the spotlight

What are the hidden benefits of Imposter Syndrome? This episode is for you if you've been trying to ditch Imposter Syndrome for ages, or putting up with it for years, and you're secretly

Is Imposter Syndrome worse for introverts? If that applies to you - or you've got members of your team who you think are running an introvert preference, today is a must-listen episode. What

Today we're looking at unlocking your potential and the single most powerful belief you need for personal growth. This episode is for you if you've been trying to make changes in your life

Ever feel like you're holding back on your dreams? Not speaking up with your best ideas? Backing down too easily when challenged? Not taking those golden opportunities to shine? But trying to be

Have you ever been given the advice to use positive affirmations to overcome Imposter Syndrome? Frustrated that it didn't work for you? It's not your fault! In today's episode you'll discover exactly why

Have you ever tried to make or break a habit, and it hasn't worked, no matter how hard you've tried? Feeling frustrated about this? Want to unlock some hidden secrets to make changing

We're a couple of weeks into the near year, as I record this episode. And I want to talk about New Year's Resolutions... Are yours going brilliantly or already kaputt? Maybe you didn't

Got performance review anxiety? Try the woolly jumper test and feel it boost your confidence, even if you get 'constructive criticism'.It's that time of year - performance reviews and appraisals are upon us.

Can you cure Imposter Syndrome? Or is it something you simply have to learn to cope with? Is it an inevitable part of stretching comfort zones? Or something you could set yourself free

Have you ever beaten yourself up about beating yourself up? Ever told yourself the mantra that there's no such thing as can't, but it really didn't help? Do you find that forcing yourself

What if positive thinking sucks?'The Secret' tells us that our thoughts create our reality, but what if you've tried positive thinking or affirmations and it didn't work for you?Did you know it can

Got an out-of-control inner critic?Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to wave goodbye to Imposter Syndrome, but it hasn’t worked?You’ve taken advice from everyone from Google to gurus and the secret fear

This episode is for you, if you want to make a difference, creating a genuinely level playing field, love the idea of 'break the bias', but aren't sure how to do it without

This episode is for you, if you want to make a difference, creating a genuinely level playing field, love the idea of 'break the bias', but aren't sure how to do it without

We need to talk about worrying... Do you ever find yourself worrying? What-iffing? Catastrophising? Have you noticed how this cranks up stress and tension? But worrying is costing you so much more than

My Imposter Syndrome journey started in earnest once I realised that the myriad of resources at my fingertips due to being a certified NLP Trainer weren't enough to deal with it. And that

How can you motivate yourself to switch from 'coping' with Imposter Syndrome to actually doing something about it? And what's really driving the show, when we're self-sabotaging and scared that we'll be 'found

Mindset isn't enough to shift Imposter Syndrome, according to our landmark research study. And today's Ditching Imposter Syndrome podcast episodes explains why.It's for you if you've ever tried positive thinking and found it

What on earth is the opposite of Imposter Syndrome? And why does it matter?And why does the fact that so many people get this wrong leave them stuck, struggling with Imposter Syndrome for

It's time to talk about returning to the office... and five ways this could make Imposter Syndrome worse.Don't get me wrong - I'm not suggesting we all camp out at home. But we

I want to talk about a topic that is close to lots of our hearts: why what we're doing isn't fixing burnout, and Imposter Syndrome's secret role.This is for you if you find

Being able to spot the Imposter Syndrome warning signs is essential, if you want to avoid self-sabotaging - because most of the time that self-sabotage is subconscious: it runs on auto-pilot thought patterns

There's a topic that's hitting my inbox each and every day at the moment - and the essence of it is why I can't set you free from Imposter Syndrome. And that's a

Is it time to stop building the Imposter Syndrome bridge of coping strategies?I'm curious: if your boiler broke down, which would you prefer?Let's imagine it's the depths of winter and your boiler has

"Just clear out your hidden blocks and limiting beliefs!" is something I see in well-meaning articles every day. But how do you even know what they are?They're masters of disguise.So in this episode

Ever wondered whether Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt / lack of confidence are the same thing? Hint: they're not. And knowing the difference is vitally important, as you'll discover in this episode.Plus I talk

Today is the first instalment of the Going Beyond Goals mini-series - and we're looking at the critical difference between visions and goals - and how to make them 'imp-proof'.This is for you

Today is the first instalment of the Going Beyond Goals mini-series - and we're looking at the critical difference between visions and goals - and how to make them 'imp-proof'.This is for you

Today we're talking about why SMART goals STINK and how they can hold you back from achieving your dreams!I taught my first project management course when I was 25 and used SMART goals

On international 'Ditch your New Year resolutions' day, we're talking about how our 'imps' - our negative self-talk, those hidden fears, blocks, limiting beliefs and excuses get in the way of our dreams.You'll

Want to know how to achieve your goals, even if you hate the hustle? Then today's episode of the Ditch Your Imps! podcast is for you!In it you'll learn why 'do it scared'

Do you ever get that sinking feeling about your New Year Resolutions, secretly knowing you'll be with the 90% of people for whom they're (statistically) 'old news' by the end of this week?Today's

What's waiting for you with the brand new Ditch Your Imps! podcast? Plus how to join us for the one-time-live Going Beyond Goals challenge.Welcome to the Ditch Your Imps! podcast from Clare Josa!Here's

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