Returning To The Office? Five Ways It Can Make Imposter Syndrome Worse. [Episode 013]

It's time to talk about returning to the office... and five ways this could make Imposter Syndrome worse.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not suggesting we all camp out at home. But we do need to be aware of how hybrid working can trigger Imposter Syndrome's coping strategies, increasing stress, anxiety and performance issues.

Plus I'll be sharing what we can do to prevent this, both on an organisational level and for ourselves.

Here's What We'll Cover About How Returning To The Office Impacts Imposter Syndrome:

  • The four key elements of 'coping' with Imposter Syndrome that set the scene for this perfect storm
  • Five ways that returning to the office triggers Imposter Syndrome, and why (research-backed)
  • What organisations can do to prevent this problem
  • The single self-mentoring question that can help you to turn this around, if it's affecting you

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