Book Club Resources For Ditching Imposter Syndrome

I'm so thrilled that you're considering Ditching Imposter Syndrome for your book club to read. 

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to create a great experience for your members, so I have some special resources to help book club leaders.

Ditching Imposter Syndrome Book Club Readers Guide

They include:

  • A book club guide, with discussion questions for each stage of the book, plus ten end-of-book discussion topics
  • An introductory video for each stage of the book, to keep your members engaged and on-track
  • Shareable graphics for key quotes and concepts from Ditching Imposter Syndrome

Plus I'll email you everything you need to do the publicity for reading Ditching Imposter Syndrome - links to book images, my author bio, the book synopsis, and even a range of my mugshots, in case you want them!

Fill in your name and email below and I'll ping all of this over to you faster than you can say 'Is It Imposter Syndrome Or The Impostor Phenomenon'!

x Clare

P.S. Landed here by some freak of the internet and don't actually run a book club? That's cool - how about joining my Virtual Book Club for Ditching Imposter Syndrome? We call it the Interactive Reader Experience.

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