What’s Your Imposter Syndrome Score?

What if there were a super-easy way to find out your Imposter Syndrome score, in the next few minutes, and get a personalised action plan with suggestions for things you could start doing today, to turn it around?

And what if that quiz-style assessment were backed by research, not just made up in the pub?

And what if that assessment could help you to gain insights and breakthroughs, just by doing it?

Clare Josa's Imposter Syndrome Risk Scorecard does all of that, and more. And she's got two options for you:

What's Your Imposter Syndrome Risk Score?

Want to know your own score? And get a free personalised action plan to inspire the next steps of your journey?

What's Your Imposter Syndrome IQ?

Do people come to you for Imposter Syndrome advice? Are you saying the right things? Test your Imposter Syndrome IQ!

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