What If You Could Ditch Imposter Syndrome In The Next 4 Weeks...

... creating high-impact, low-effort changes in your life...

in ways that are so easy, you'll barely notice you’re doing them...

using just your commuting dead-time?

Even if you've been secretly running Imposter Syndrome for years?

The Ditching Imposter Syndrome Transformation Toolkit

how we block change

We’ve been there

We all know that there’s a world of difference between information and implementation. 

Ditching Imposter Syndrome - the book - is designed to get you creating shifts, just by reading or listening to it. But the real magic happens when you apply - implement - what you’re learning.

The Ditching Imposter Syndrome Transformation Toolkit brings your book to life, helping you to shift from information to implementation, getting you taking action and experiencing breakthroughs in ways that are fast, fun and forever.

A Message From The Author: Clare Josa

Ditching Imposter Syndrome has thousands of readers in over 50 countries, but I discovered there are two types of readers:

Those who get fabulous results, saying the book was the missing link that changed their life forever, making everything else fell into place and success becoming easier.

Those who loved it, but who didn't see those same breakthroughs.

So I researched the difference, and found there was one simple key:

Most people don’t actually read the books they buy, and if they do, they don’t fully implement what's in them. 

Those who got the breakthroughs had done the exercises, made the most of the accompanying resources, and taken consistent action.

Those who didn't had hit a brick wall when they moved from consuming information to taking inspired action.

If that's you, you're totally normal!

Doing this kind of deep work on your own can feel daunting, and life can get in the way.

But just a tiny bit of extra effort sky-rockets your results, creating high-impact, low-effort change. 

And this set me off on a mission: to help you to find a way to make this journey super-easy for you, and so the Ditching Imposter Syndrome Transformation Toolkit was born. 

It allows me to walk by your side as you implement what you're learning, bringing your book to life as a Mentor In Your Pocket™, making changing your life as easy as possible for you. 

the ditching imposter syndrome transformation toolkit

There's a world of difference between information and implementation.

Create breakthroughs in minutes, not months, in ways that are fast, fun and forever.

Making it easy for you to set yourself free from Imposter Syndrome's secret self-sabotage and your inner critic's 3am dream-trashing pep talks.

Fast-track your breakthroughs, with how-to that fits in around your schedule - and is perfect for those times when you're driving, commuting, or listening to it in the background.

Here's What You Get With The
Ditching Imposter Syndrome Transformation Toolkit

The full audiobook - split into bite-sized chunks. Listen to it online in your secure training vault, or choose the option to subscribe to it in your Apple Podcast or Google Podcast app, as an invitation-only private podcast. It's there for you, whenever you've got a few minutes to listen and take the next tiny step.

Plus turn it into your Transformation Toolkit with:

Clare's Mentor In Your Pocket™ System

Read / Listen:

Kindle / eBook version, for those times when you prefer to read, instead of listen - download in your favourite app

Walking By Your Side

A Mentor In Your Pocket™ audio for each exercise - 36 in total - where Clare guides you through it, as though you were working 1:1 together

Specially-recorded full-length audios

for the book's meditation and visualisation techniques - create change just by listening to them

Your Virtual Journal

Make digital private notes on the exercises, perfect for capturing your lightbulbs, tracking your progress, and celebrating your successes

Going Beyond

Deep-dive training videos, cheat sheets & articles, to support you in applying what you're learning in Ditching Imposter Syndrome in other areas of your life


Two inspirational instant access masterclasses on how to make your voice heard, and how to 'magically' make more time

Get Full Support

You have the option to go VIP and get Master Coach-supported discussion threads for each step, and six months' invitation-only access to Clare Josa's monthly group coaching calls, to pick her brain and get hot seat coaching.

Just listen to a little bit each day

And do that day's mentoring exercise or technique. 

It's easy to pick up where you left off and everything you need for each tiny step is right there, under that step's audio. It makes it super-easy to create the changes you've been dreaming of.

If you set yourself free from Imposter Syndrome in the next few weeks, what would you feel excited about doing, in the coming year?

Here's what people just like you say they do, after ditching Imposter Syndrome:

  • Speak up more with their best ideas - even the 'edgy' ones that challenge the status quo
  • Feel more confident, less stressed, and more naturally resilient
  • Wave goodbye to burnout (there's a direct link between it and Imposter Syndrome)
  • Get the promotion and pay rise they've been dreaming of for years
  • Step up to lead at the next level, as all of who they really are, rather than from behind a mask
  • Be more visible and 'own' their achievements, standing in their personal power
  • Feel happier, with a better work-life balance, catching themselves smiling for no reason

Is it time for a YES! that gets the 'future you' doing a happy dance?

Get Started Now - Here's A Reminder Of What You Get:


For when you know you're going to ROCK this, and won't need support or accountability to get great results.

Go VIP: Fully Supported

Get everything from the Transformation Toolkit plus:

1:1 Coaching

Want specialist coaching support? Take the Imposter Syndrome Bootcamp.

  • Research-backed 8-week online course
  • Built-in online messaging support from your coach
  • 4 high-impact coaching sessions
  • 3 months' access to Clare's group coaching calls

What they say

nancy marmolejo

Executive Coach & Author

Many personal growth programmes are by people who have had personal epiphanies, then try to sell unattainable solutions built on vague concepts that are not easy to materialise... because the trainer doesn't know how to unpack their own processes.

Clare's background as an engineer and NLP Trainer PLUS her life experience uniquely qualifies her as THE person to deconstruct the art and science of bypassing your mental and emotions blocks, to achieve success.

Janine coombes

Marketing Consultant

I love the way Clare explains things. Her extensive experience of running her own business, writing her books, previous roles in market research and training in NLP and meditation seem to have been blended to create the perfect course leader.

I'd highly recommend Clare for anything she's offering. All of her offers are well thought through and I trust her authority as an author and an imposter syndrome expert.

Got Questions? Here Are Some Common Ones

And here's how to ask us if there's one we've not covered.

How do I listen to the book?
Two ways - both simple. Either online in your training vault on the 'listen here now' page, or via the private podcast (just tick the box on the order form and we'll send you details of how to set it up to be in your Apple Podcast app).

Does the course expire?
No. There's no expiry on the materials. Plus you'll get access to any updates and additional bonuses that I add in future, as my gift.

What about the Mentor In Your Pocket™?
Super-simple! For each track from the book, whether you're listening online or in your podcast app, there are direct links to the resources that go with that section. These might be 'walking by your side' audios for the exercises, or a cheat sheet, or a ninja-boost video training, or an extended 'don't listen while you're driving' audio for one of the core techniques. Here's an example:

How does the virtual journal work?
Again, super simple! If there's an exercise or a bonus technique for a particular part of the book, you'll find a link straight to it below that track. Then the virtual journal has the same question prompts as the exercise. All you do is type your notes, click save, and they'll be there for you next time you come back. Here's an example:

How do the discussion threads work?
These are built into the audio tracks area and they're a chance for you to ask questions or share lightbulbs and breakthroughs. They can only be seen by fellow 'fully supported' access students, and my Master Coaches keep an eye on them, to give you the answers you need, and to be your virtual cheerleader.

How do the calls work?
You get six months' invitation-only access to my monthly student Q&A calls for getting answers to your questions, celebrating your successes, and learning from others' journeys. You'll get an email reminder a week beforehand, and on the day, letting you know that month's zoom link.

Got a question I haven't covered?
Let me know!

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