Want To Make This The Year You Finally Ditch Imposter Syndrome?

Read Clare Josa's latest book - Ditching Imposter Syndrome - today!

Want To Make This The Year You Finally Ditch Imposter Syndrome?

Read Clare Josa's latest book - Ditching Imposter Syndrome - today!

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About Clare Josa

Clare Josa

Author | Speaker | Leadership Mentor

Clare Josa is considered a global authority on Imposter Syndrome, having spent the past twenty years working with business leaders to help them to overcome it, as well as leading the landmark 2019 and 2022 Imposter Syndrome Research Studies and publishing her latest book: Ditching Imposter Syndrome.

An expert in the neuroscience and psychology of performance, her original training as an engineer, specialising in Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, means her approach is grounded in practical common sense, creating breakthroughs not burnout.

She is the author of eight books and has been interviewed by the likes of The Independent, The Daily Telegraph and Radio 4, amongst others. Clare speaks internationally on how to change the world by changing yourself.

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There's a world of difference between information and implementation.

It's not uncommon for people to try to use Clare's latest book - Ditching Imposter Syndrome - plus her podcasts, masterclasses and social media posts to try to figure out how to use her strategies with clients and colleagues.

But there's a world of difference between having random parts of the jigsaw puzzle and knowing exactly how to use Clare's life-changing strategies to help colleagues or clients to experience shifts, safely and effectively. Clare's certification programmes teach you how to do this.

Also, at both Natural Resilience Method® Practitioner and Imposter Syndrome Master Coach level, Clare teaches you additional techniques that were too deep-acting to share in a self-study book. So you'll feel confident, knowing step by step exactly how to support colleagues and clients, no matter how Imposter Syndrome has been affecting them.

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What If You Could Ditch Imposter Syndrome In Just 5 Minutes A Day?

Even if you've been secretly running Imposter Syndrome for years?

That's exactly what the Imposter Syndrome Hacks™ App will help you to do, using science-backed, proven strategies that help you to change your life, one new habit at a time.

“Clare's varied background makes her the ideal person to teach you about Imposter Syndrome. She can take you through logical steps to tame your Inner Critic like no one else.”

Janine Coombes

The Content Marketing Myth

“Clare doesn't just share the theory or the science, but shares practical steps to rid yourself of Imposter Syndrome, once and for all. I was very sceptical, but now I'm certainly a believer.”

Ian Anderson Gray

Founder of Seriously Social

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