Introducing The Brand New

Imposter Syndrome Hacks™ App

From Clare Josa

Launched in March 2024, this ground-breaking app gets you changing your life, one simple habit at a time.

An inspired blend of science-backed how-to, all in bite-sized chunks.

Based on Clare's 20+ years of helping over 100,000 people to ditch Imposter Syndrome and burnout, you'll start creating breakthroughs in minutes, not months, in ways that are fast, fun, and forever.

Crank up your confidence, shrink your stress levels & wave goodbye to Imposter Syndrome & burnout

In just 5 minutes a day.

Crank up your confidence, shrink your stress levels & wave goodbye to Imposter Syndrome & burnout

In just 5 minutes a day.

What? In Just 5 Minutes A Day?

Forget having to make radical transformation to change your life.

Discover the power of #MicroChanges. Do these daily, and the shifts you'll create in the coming year will blow you away.

Clare Josa's Imposter Syndrome Hacks™ App is the difference between information & implementation, helping you to change your life in easy, 5-minute chunks.

Ever lie awake at 3am worrying that they'll 'find you out'?

Stuck in overthinking with an inner critic with a flair for catastrophising?

Struggling with the 4 Ps of Imposter Syndrome™ - Perfectionism, Procrastination, Project Paralysis Or People-Pleasing?

Could you find five minutes a day to create a habit that turns all of this around?

Then the Imposter Syndrome Hacks™ App is for you!

Your Journey Is Unique - And So Are The Solutions You Deserve

Tailor The Imposter Syndrome Hacks™ App To Create Breakthroughs In Ways That Work For You

Imposter Syndrome 101

Deepen your understanding of Imposter Syndrome, including how to spot the warning signs (based on Clare's research studies), with this bite-sized chunks 60-minute training.

Start With Clare's Quiz

Take Clare Josa's research-backed quiz to get your Imposter Syndrome score, plus tailored recommendations for quick wins and deeper work in the Imposter Syndrome Hacks™ App.

Monthly Hacks Training

Carefully designed monthly bite-sized trainings to support you in ditching Imposter Syndrome, burnout & toxic resilience, one new habit at a time.

Your Quick Wins

Get results as soon as today with your tailored Kickstart programme. Shrink your stress levels, kick overwhelm to the curb, and tame your inner critic.

Your Virtual Journal

Track habits, get streaks, log your lightbulbs, see the progress you're making, and create journals that will boost your confidence, keep you motivated, and even give you back your mojo!

Find Your Tribe

You are not alone! Share the journey, get answers to your questions, support fellow members, and get virtual cheerleadering, in your private in-app discussion forum.

Today's #MicroChanges create tomorrow's transformation. One new habit at a time.

Making Changing Your Life Fast, Fun & Forever

Here's how the Imposter Syndrome Hacks™ App is designed to help you.

Syncs Across Your Devices

Your courses, journal & community automatically sync across all your devices, so you can access the Imposter Syndrome Hacks™ App on-the-go

Goal Tracking

Daily journals & 1-tap goal tracking, to get you rewiring your brain to become a genuine cheerleader in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea!

Mentor In Your Pocket™

Power-packed, inspirational, bite-sized videos, audios, cheat sheets and more to give you the how-to - and help get you doing it!

Inspired Blend of On-Demand & Monthly Breakthrough Trainings

Get instant access to inspirational trainings and resources, plus get your monthly Imposter Syndrome & Burnout Hacks training, helping you to create breakthroughs, whether you're new to this or already an old hand.

Practical Inspiration, Grounded In Science

From Clare Josa, a global authority on Imposter Syndrome, international keynote speaker, reformed engineer, and the author of the best-selling books: Ditching Imposter Syndrome and Dare to Dream Bigger.

As featured in:

The tiny changes you make today build the future you've been dreaming of.

By the end of each month you'll feel the progress you're making, all in 5-minute, easy, fun daily steps.


Engineer-created inspiration, grounded in 20 years of research, blending practical psychology, the neuroscience of performance, and demystified ancient wisdom.

Go Beyond Coping Strategies

Clear out the root cause triggers that drive self-sabotage behaviour, so you can step up to make the difference you were born to make, with courage, confidence & passion.

Busy-Person Friendly

Accelerated learning techniques and lessons in bite-sized chunks, to make it as easy as possible for you to fit high-impact, low-effort breakthroughs in around your schedule.

Choose Your Membership Level

You can choose how deeply you want to dive in with this, and whether you want to go-it-solo, or feel fully supported to make faster progress (plus it's more fun!)

Free Membership

Free Membership

Just dipping your toe in the water? Deepen your understanding of Imposter Syndrome, including how to spot the warning signs, with instant access to:

  • Imposter Syndrome 101 Training
  • Ditching Imposter Syndrome Podcast
  • Bonus Resources

As Clare's gift.

Simply download the Imposter Syndrome Hacks™ App from the app store.

The Essentials

The Essentials

This is for you if you know you're great at motivating yourself and implementing what you're learning. It's the go-it-solo version of the app. You get everything from 'free' plus:

  • Imposter Syndrome Kickstart Training: quick wins you'll love, even by the end of the day today
  • Microwins Training: To rewire your body & brain to become genuine cheerleaders
  • Monthly Practical Inspiration Hacks Training - a new hack each month, but no access to the archives
  • Clare's Books: Ditching Imposter Syndrome & Coaching Imposter Syndrome (read or listen to them)

For just £10 per month. (Self-funded bursary rate).

The Courage Club

The Courage Club

This is perfect for you if you know you get best results from having support, accountability, and sharing the journey. You get everything from Free & Essentials, plus:

  • You Are Not Alone! Accountability, motivation, question-answering and virtual cheerleadering - share the journey with like-minded souls in your private discussion forum
  • Virtual Journal: Track your progress, build up streaks, and create virtual journals to crank up your confidence, boost your mojo, and inspire you to keep taking action
  • Monthly Hot Seat Coaching: join Clare or a Master Coach for a Courage-Club-Members-only Zoom call each month
  • Monthly Hacks Trainings: no-expiry access each month and get instant access to the entire archives
  • Deep-Dive Masterclasses: Change your life in under an hour
  • Quarterly Live Sprints: Just for your tribe - create breakthroughs fast, and together

Join today for a never-to-be-repeated founder-member rate of just £20 per month, instead of the usual £27, plus start with a 30-day trial for just £1.

Only for the next 100 members.

Grab Your Founder Member Place Today

The next 100 members of the Courage Club in the Imposter Syndrome Hacks™ App get a 30-day trial for just £1, and then save every month, for as long as you want to stay a member. After your free trial, it's just £20 per month, instead of £27.

Join Today With Your 30-Day Trial For Just £1

And claim the incredible Founder Member offer for the Courage Club of just £20 per month, instead of £27 per month, for as long as you want to stay a member. There's no tie-in.




  • Imposter Syndrome 101 Training
  • Ditching Imposter Syndrome Podcast
  • Bonus Resources

Perfect if you're politely curious.

Founder Member Offer

Next 100 People Only


27 20


Everything from Essentials, plus:

  • Virtual Journal to fast-track your habits
  • Your Tribe Private Forum - share the journey and get answers to your questions
  • Monthly live Q&A call with Clare Josa
  • Monthly hacks trainings - no expiry - plus binge the archives
  • Deep-dive masterclasses
  • Quarterly live sprints, creating breakthroughs, together

Fully supported to create shifts you'll love, in just 5 minutes a day.




Everything from Free, plus:

  • Kickstart Training - start creating breakthroughs today
  • Microwins training - discover the power of neuroplasticity
  • New inspirational hacks training each month (but not the archives)
  • Clare's two Imposter Syndrome books

Self-study access to the core on-demand and monthly trainings.