Imposter Syndrome Trainer Certification

Discover How To Spread A Wave Of Empowered Change Around The World

Want to be able to share Clare Josa's life-changing strategies and research in workshops, talks and trainings? Then you'll love her Imposter Syndrome Trainer certification programme.

Natural Resilience Method® by Clare Josa

You'll get to learn direct from the source of this work - Clare Josa - the creator of the Natural Resilience Method® and the best-selling author of Ditching Imposter Syndrome, who is considered a global authority on Imposter Syndrome and burnout.

You'll learn how to share Clare's work in a group environment with credibility, courage, confidence and passion, in ways that mean it's safe and effective.

And instead of trying to cobble together a training session with only half the pieces of the jigsaw (and risking Intellectual Property and copyright breach issues), you'll know exactly how to teach groups Clare's life-changing strategies, at levels from an introductory one-hour workshop or panel discussion, to a full-day intensive.

Clare will personally show you how to help people to create breakthroughs, in ways that are fast, fun and forever, just by attending your events.

And you'll be fully supported, with specially designed training materials, monthly trainer-only Q&A calls with Clare or her Master Trainers, and a private online forum, to celebrate your successes and get answers to your questions.

You'll be helping to spread a wave of empowered change around the world!

Become A Certified Imposter Syndrome Trainer

You'll be fully supported by Clare Josa and her team to deliver inspirational workshops, talks and trainings on Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome Trainer Programme

You'll be able to deliver four core sessions: 60 minutes, 90 minutes, half day and full day. And the training includes options for facilitated panel discussions and small-group break-out sessions. And these are all designed to work just as well if delivered online as in-person.

Expert-Designed Workshops

You'll get co-branded slides, workbooks, discussion guides and everything else you need to deliver professional Imposter Syndrome training. But it's not #DeathByPowerpoint. These are grounded in Clare's 20 years of research & specialising in this field and are designed to be fun, interactive, engaging, relatable, and to create breakthroughs, just by attending the sessions.

Going Beyond Speaker Notes & Crib Sheets

Clare is recognised as a pioneer in online training. As an NLP Trainer since 2003, she knows how to create courses that inspire people. Of course, you'll get speaker notes. But you get so much more! Each workshop comes with a Train the Trainer video course, guiding you through each slide, sharing tips on how to deliver it, which kinds of stories work where, and the most common questions you'll get at each point - and how to answer them.

This means you'll feel fully confident to guide people through the materials, knowing them inside out, rather than reading scripts and worrying that questions could catch you out. And you'll deliver these workshops in ways that allow your personality and training style to shine through, adding your individual magic to this work.

All The Pieces Of The Puzzle And Know How To Use Them Safely & Effectively

Yes, you can ask Google for inspiration on putting together your course, but how do you know it will actually work? Or that it's safe? Or that you won't land in hot water for breaching someone else's copyright?

You see, there's a bigger issue: Imposter Syndrome is an identity-level challenge, and is often linked to trauma. So you need to be careful to make sure your training doesn't accidentally open Pandora's box for attendees. This stuff goes deeper than just mindset or coaching, and delivering training on it shouldn't be taken lightly.

With Clare's certification programme, you'll know you've got the full puzzle, expertly designed in ways to make your training safe, high-impact, and fun for everyone.

You Get On-Going Support

Your initial certification and licence as an Imposter Syndrome Trainer lasts for a year and you can renew it each year, for as long as you want to keep teaching this work. This means you are fully supported, because in addition to the training materials, you also get:

  • a monthly trainer-only Q&A call with Clare or one of her Master Trainers, to celebrate your successes and pick their brains
  • the latest updates on the training materials - all grounded in our latest research studies
  • new courses and modules, as we add them - burnout and toxic resilience are coming soon
  • a grads-only private discussion forum, to get virtual cheerleadering and answers to your questions between monthly calls
  • a VIP ticket to our annual conference - (virtual) be at the cutting edge of this work, inspired by other professionals, and sharing your wisdom with them, too

And there's more!

You'll get a co-branded version of Clare's science-backed Imposter Syndrome scorecard, to be completed by each delegate, which forms an integral part of the workshops. The benefits to this include:

  • Building pre-event buzz and increasing attendee rates and engagement, and starting to remove the taboo
  • Each delegate gets a personalised action plan PDF, with busy-person friendly self-study resources, so they can start taking action even before the course
  • They'll refer to their action plan PDF in the workshops, and they can use it to create even deeper insights and faster breakthroughs in your trainings
  • Each delegate gets a digital copy of Ditching Imposter Syndrome, Clare's best-selling book, helping them to make the shift from information to implementation

Which Of The Two Routes Is Right For You

For Becoming A Certified Imposter Syndrome Trainer?

There are two routes into this training, depending on whether you'll be using it in-house for your employer, or for external clients.

Route 1:
Delivering Training For Your Employer

This isn't 'work admin' training - it's about helping people to change their lives. Some of your course attendees will want extra support with Imposter Syndrome afterwards. 

It's therefore a requirement that employers have at least 5 certified Natural Resilience Method® Practitioners (affectionately known as Imposter Syndrome First-Aiders) in order to be eligible for the Imposter Syndrome Trainer programme.

Route 2:
Delivering Training For External Clients

If you're working as an external trainer in Imposter Syndrome, it's guaranteed that some of your students will want coaching to support them, after your workshop.

To ensure you can do this safely and effectively, it is therefore a requirement that you complete Clare's Imposter Syndrome Master Coach certification, alongside the Trainer programme.

What's The Investment?

The investment for Clare Josa's Imposter Syndrome Trainer programme is just £2,495 + VAT.

This covers the first year's certification and a year's licence to teach Clare's materials.

Annual renewal is just 50%, and that rate is locked in for as long as you want to renew, even when the price goes up for new trainers.

The fee per delegate for the co-branded scorecard, the personalised action plan, the self-study resources that come with it, and the digital copy of Ditching Imposter Syndrome is just £27 + VAT, invoiced quarterly, in arrears.

Please note that the Trainer certification investment is in addition to the cost of the Natural Resilience Method® Practitioner or Master Coach programmes.

What's the next step?

This course is for experienced trainers, rather than beginners, and access is by application (totally non-scary).

To kick things off: book a call with Clare Josa to get answers to any questions you might have, and to discuss your current training experience, to ensure this certification is a great next step for you.


Does the trainer also have to be one of the 'first-aiders' / practitioners?

No, they don't. 

Some people love coaching. Some people love delivering training. If those two don't overlap for your ideal delegate for this course, that's fine, as long as they can refer people on to the practitioners if they need additional support.

what happens if I don't renew?

Your renewal includes your licence to deliver Clare's Intellectual Property, so if it expires, so does your licence. You would no longer be permitted to deliver this training.

You would be welcome to renew again, but it would then be at the current rate, rather than your locked-in rate. And if more than 2 years have passed, you would need to resit the certification programme at the current fee.

Can i create online self-study courses from this?

This certification and licence is for live trainings only. You can share replays, but only with those who have taken the scorecard for a particular event.

It doesn't authorise you to create online courses from Clare's materials. If you want to share these, please use Clare's existing courses and you can contact her team here for details of bulk licences.

can we send multiple delegates?

Absolutely! And this can be a great way to introduce this training into your organisation, because your delegates can then support each other.

Please remember though, that the training fee is per person who completes and qualifies to deliver this training. You can't buy one licence, for example, and share it around everyone in your L&D team.


Just let us know. You can transfer the licence over to a new member of your team for a reduced fee, taking into account what you have already paid that year for certification, and they will get the same level of support as a new student would.

But in our experience, investing in a team member for this training makes them more likely to stay!


Definitely. You'll need the invoice to have been paid, before your training starts. And we'll be asking for your help with any 'approved supplier process' to ensure this runs smoothly and easily - they can take a lot of our time.

Alternatively, it's possible to pay in full by card and reclaim this from your employer (with consent!)


This has been proven to increase awareness, create buzz, and bring highly engaged attendees to your training. Plus the way the personalised action plan is integrated into the workshops has been shown to support delegates in making the shift from 'information' to 'implementation'.

All of this makes your job easier, helps your students to get better results with less effort, and will have other trainers wondering what your secret is.

That's why it's an integral part of the workshops. And remember: it's co-branded, so it's a great way of helping your students to take whatever 'next step' you want them to, after the course.


If you upgrade to include a data licence for the scorecard data, then you will have full access to your delegates' responses, providing you comply with GDPR.

This works best for external trainers and Clare is reluctant to offer this option to corporations, because employees tend to be much less honest in their scorecard responses (making it much less useful), if they think their boss might read it. It is possible to upgrade to have access to this data on an anonymised basis, but you will need to have had at least 500 delegates go through the training, to ensure anonymity.

For companies, we can produce summary reports of the results from your scorecards for a nominal fee.


If it's for your employer, you can start running the courses once your team has at least five Natural Resilience Method® Practitioners to support you, and you have completed this training.

If you're an external trainer, you will need to have completed at least stage two of the four stages of the Imposter Syndrome Master Coach certification first, as well as this training.


This is a course to add Clare Josa's Imposter Syndrome and other work to your existing trainer toolkit. And whilst it will further improve your trainer skills, it is not designed for beginners.

If you're not sure whether this course is the right next step for you, please ask Clare's team here.


If your employer is funding this, then they will need to pay in full before you can start this training.

If you are funding it yourself, please contact us to discuss payment plan options.

And if you're doing this alongside the Imposter Syndrome Master Coach certification, this training can be added to your payment plan. Please contact us to discuss options.

Got a question we've not covered? You can get in touch here.

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