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Make This The Year You Finally Ditch Imposter Syndrome!

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Ditching Imposter Syndrome

How To Finally Feel Good Enough & Lead With Courage, Confidence And Passion

Leading is hard enough without lying awake at 3 a.m. worrying that ‘they’ might find out you’re not good enough. Or that you don’t know as much as you should. Or that they might suss you’re a fraud, you don’t belong and got to where you are by accident or luck.

There’s a name for this: Imposter Syndrome - and it’s time to ditch it!

In this ground-breaking book, Clare Josa guides you through the revolutionary five-step strategy she has created over the past fifteen years of mentoring women in leadership roles, so that you can set yourself free from Imposter Syndrome, for good.

With the inspirational, practical techniques Clare shares with you, you will learn how to:

  • pause negative self-talk, without going to war with your inner critic's voice in your head
  • wave goodbye to the self-doubt, limiting beliefs, perfectionism and procrastination that sabotage your personal & professional success
  • feel naturally resilient and bounce back from conflict and criticism - without pretending
  • discover the power of true confidence finally feel safe to take off your secret masks, without having to ‘fake it till you make it’
  • feel happier, calmer and more in-flow, rather than feeling like life is an uphill struggle
  • influence authentically and show up as the leader you were born to be, so you can make the difference you are really here to make in the world

In Ditching Imposter Syndrome you’ll discover why mindset-based, cognitive approaches haven’t worked for you in the past and exactly how Imposter Syndrome affects performance and causes so much stress. 

Clare's inspirational, practical exercises bring you the best from the worlds of practical psychology, NLP, Leadership Development, the neuroscience of performance, and demystified ancient wisdom. This is blended into simple steps that mean you can spot and then fully release Imposter Syndrome's subconscious drivers, in a way that’s fast, fun and forever.

If you’re hungry to move from the fear of being found out as a ‘fraud leader’ to becoming the ‘thought leader’ the world needs you to be, the practical strategies in Ditching Imposter Syndrome will help you to create breakthroughs in minutes, not months.

Is it time to finally ditch Imposter Syndrome? Get started today!

Get Your Copy Now! Available In Hardback, Or Kindle Or Audiobook.

Or from your favourite book store: ISBN 978-1-908854-97-1

About The Author

Clare Josa is an international speaker and the best-selling author of five life-changing books. She has been a Leadership Mentor and Trainer since 2003, specialising in Imposter Syndrome, and prior to that held senior positions in the corporate world.

As the Lead Researcher on the landmark 2019 Global Imposter Syndrome Research Study, she is uniquely placed to bring you the facts you need to know about how Imposter Syndrome is getting in your way - and what you can do about it. All of that and more is waiting for you in Ditching Imposter Syndrome.

In this book she will prove to you that, far from being stuck with it, letting Imposter Syndrome go and becoming more of who you really are is easily within your reach.

Clare's work is a fluff-free zone. As a former Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma engineer and former Head of Market Research for one of the world's most disruptive corporations, Clare brings decades of experience in creating breakthroughs, without the burnout.

She speaks internationally on how to change the world by changing yourself.

Is This Going To Be The Year You Finally Ditch Imposter Syndrome?

Get Your Copy Now! Available In Hardback Or Kindle, Or Audiobook.

Or from your favourite book store: ISBN 978-1-908854-97-1

P.S. What About Signed Copies? And Bulk Orders?

A lot of people have asked me how they can get a signed copy of Ditching Imposter Syndrome. I simply can't post individual signed copies, because it means I wouldn't see my kids for weeks! Queuing at my local Post Office became a near-full-time job when I did it for Dare to Dream Bigger. So here is an option, instead:

  • buy a copy via Amazon or your local bookstore (ISBN 9781908854971) and then ask me to sign it at one of the events I'll be at over the coming months - you can find out where I'll be when, here

And if you want to place a bulk order, say, for your business or women's group or book club:

  • you can order a bulk buy in multiples of 16 copies (a box), which will be shipped directly from our distributor. Get in touch here to let me know how many copies you want and get a quote. Please note: all bulk orders must be pre-paid.
  • and here's how to get in touch if your book club would like a copy of my free Book Club Discussion Guide.

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