Imposter Syndrome Courses With Clare Josa

Clare has been a professional trainer since 2003, when she certified as an NLP Trainer, and has been a pioneer of online training that actually works for over a decade.

Like you, she's allergic to #DeathByPowerpoint, so if you take one of Clare's courses, expect it to be different to most of what you've had to sit through over the past few years.

Clare offers a variety of public-access online courses, which you can join today. They range from foundation level, through to a Master Coach certification, and even a Train the Trainer programme. She also runs an inspirational annual exclusive mastermind programme for women on a mission to make an even bigger difference in the world, called Rise Like A Rebel®.

Whatever you're looking for, there will be something here to help you.

She also runs bespoke courses for organisations, and is a sought-after international keynote speaker. You can get in touch with Clare's team here to discuss bespoke options.

Clare Josa's public-access Imposter Syndrome training courses:

Some of these courses are instant access. Others have cohorts that start once or twice a year. They are all available for individuals to take them, and also as bulk licences for organisations.

The list below is spit into two sections - helping yourself, and helping others (and yourself).

Courses to help yourself with Imposter Syndrome:

The Natural Resilience Method® App

Only got five minutes a day? Great! We can help you to change your life with near-zero effort.

The Natural Resilience Method® app helps you to create life-changing breakthroughs and new habits in five minute chunks.

Start using it today, and by this time next year you'll barely even remember the stuff that currently gets you self-sabotaging and holding back on your ideas.

No more excuses! Here's where to get the app.

The Transformation Toolkit

Bring your Ditching Imposter Syndrome book to life!

Get the audiobook, the digital book, plus ninja-strategy videos to help you to get the most from Ditching Imposter Syndrome.

Plus there's the option to get accountability and hot seat coaching in Clare's monthly group coaching calls.

Get the Transformation Toolkit today.

Imposter Syndrome Bootcamp™

Ditch Imposter Syndrome forever in the next eight weeks.

This inspirational hybrid coaching programme blends proven online learning modules with breakthrough coaching sessions with certified grads from Clare's coaching problems.

If you need to make progress fast, and are ready to put in an hour or so a week, you'll love this!

Start the Imposter Syndrome Bootcamp™.

Stepping Up To Lead™

Hungry to finally have the impact your ideas and dreams deserve?

Stepping Up To Lead™ is perfect for you if you're in (or heading into) a position that's more senior or more visible.

Not only do you deeply ditch Imposter Syndrome, you'll also cover influencing skills that mean you'll no longer feel like you have to shout to be heard.

Start Stepping Up To Lead™ today.

Meditation, Made Easy

Need to press pause and prevent burnout? Could you find 10 minutes a day to transform your life?

Did you know that if you're super-stressed, then changing your life is super-hard.

Meditation, Made Easy - for busy people - was created by Clare (a certified Meditation Teacher and author of two books on the topic) for people who want more than a mindfulness app, but who know they're secretly blocking creating a habit they'll fall in love with for the rest of their lives.

Join Meditation, Made Easy.

Courses to help others (and yourself) with Imposter Syndrome:

Imposter Syndrome 101 For Line Managers, HR Professionals & MHFAs

Want to be able to become the first-line of support for colleagues with Imposter Syndrome?

Learn the essentials for spotting Imposter Syndrome, helping 'in the moment' if someone is about to self-sabotage, and how to support them if they need to do the deeper work to clear it. Essential for all line managers.

Get instant access here.

Natural Resilience Method® Practitioner

Go beyond 'tea and sympathy' with strategies that create life-changing shifts for colleagues and clients.

Start by clearing your own Imposter Syndrome. Then move on to learning Clare Josa's ground-breaking strategies to help people both on a 'first aid' basis, and also to prevent Imposter Syndrome.

Find out more here.

Imposter Syndrome Master Coach

Want to be able to support others to create breakthroughs in Imposter Syndrome?

In this post-grad coaching certification, you'll start by deeply clearing any Imposter Syndrome that's still hanging around for you, before learning how to support clients to do the same.

Only for experienced coaches and therapists. Ideal for those working with clients in leadership or high-visibility roles.

Find out more here.

Train The Trainer Programme

Want to run courses for your teams on Clare's work?

These techniques are powerful - and Imposter Syndrome can unlock Pandora's box. So it's essential that any trainers you have in-house know how to teach Clare's methodologies safely and effectively.

Clare's Train the Trainer programme fully supports you on this journey, so you can help hundreds (or thousands) for the cost of coaching a handful.

Interested? Get in touch here to book a call.

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