Want To Work With Clare To Ditch Imposter Syndrome?

Want to work together on Imposter Syndrome?

If you want to go beyond the self-study options (e.g. my Ditching Imposter Syndrome book), then there are a number of ways we can work together, to help you to set yourself free from Imposter Syndrome, once and for all.

I get a lot of requests for 1:1 mentoring from people - but there's only one of me. And that's one of the reasons why I now run a post-grad certification for experienced coaches and mentors to specialise in Imposter Syndrome.

That doesn't mean we can't work together! But before we talk about that, there's something important you need to know. Over the past 17+ years of specialising in this field, I discovered something that really surprised me about 1:1 work on this - and which goes against what we might assume:

the slowest way to ditch imposter syndrome is 1:1 coaching.

Yes, I know that sounds counter-intuitive. But there's a good reason!

I realised a few years ago that there were some things I was talking about with each and every client - concepts and strategies I had developed over the decades that created breakthroughs for them, laying the foundations for the deeper work, where I could really make a difference for them, 1:1. 

But then I had a lightbulb moment: 

I realised that they experienced exactly the same levels of breakthroughs when learning about these foundation ideas and strategies via video training, as they did with me sitting next to them (or via Zoom, these days). So there was no point in clients spending their time with me on the foundation concepts.

It wasn't worth them paying my 1:1 fee to learn the bits that they could, in fact, more easily learn at home, at their own pace, at a time to suit them - all in bite-sized chunks that fit round even the busiest schedule.

I discovered that when they showed up at a 1:1 session having learned the foundations, we could create transformations in just a few sessions that would previously have taken months, for a fraction of the time and financial investment.

Plus there's another huge benefit!

"I wish I had taken more notes in our 1:1 session!"

I used to get regular emails from 1:1 clients saying they'd forgotten technique X or couldn't remember how concept Y worked. And now they get lifetime access to inspirational how-to training for all of that, as part of our 1:1 work.

As a result, it's rare for me to work with someone just 1:1 these days. I ask clients to also take part in a relevant online programme - because this gets you better, faster results, in ways that are more fun, that fit around your other commitments.

Note: the exception to this is my programme The C-Suite Leap™.

So what you'll find here are ways to work together, which make the most of your time, and create the biggest breakthroughs possible, with the least effort, and the most fun.
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Here are some ways we could work together:

Note: if you'd like me to run a bespoke Imposter Syndrome training programme for your organisation, or would like to book me for a keynote, please get in touch here. One of the most popular options is to run an in-house round of Stepping Up To Lead

Ditching Imposter Syndrome Book by Clare Josa

Do you already have Ditching Imposter Syndrome? Did you know it has a VIP Readers' Resource Vault? With:

  • videos
  • MP3s
  • audios to guide you through each exercise
  • bonus masterclasses
  • and 3 months' invitation-only access to my monthly all-student Q&A calls for hot seat mentoring with me

... meaning you can ask me questions, live on the call!

Imposter Syndrome Bootcamp™

Start changing your life by the end of the day today.

  • This six-week, research-backed Imposter Syndrome bootcamp is perfect for getting you fast results on taming your inner critic
  • Work on long-term strategies, as well as my Emergency Quick Fixes for Imposter Syndrome
  • Create breakthroughs today with the module one 'press pause' strategies
  • Rewire your brain and your body, to feel calm, confident and courageous
  • Interactive discussion threads built into every lesson
  • PLUS you get 6 months' invitation-only access to my monthly all-student Q&A calls for hot seat mentoring with me 

Stepping Up To Lead™

  • Ground-breaking 90-day leadership development programme, available in-house or as an open enrolment public course

In addition to all of the fabulous transformations you'll experience in this programme, you also get:

  • Support from me or my certified mentors in the private discussion forum - there's a thread for each lesson in the programme
  • Five 1:1 mentoring sessions with one of my certified mentors
  • The option to upgrade to work on this 1:1 with me, including fortnightly support and VIP-day work

Certified Imposter Syndrome Mentor™ Training

12 month part time CPD accredited training. In-house or join one of two UK-based public rounds per year.

  • Unique post-grad coaching and mentoring certification programme
  • Get twice-monthly calls with me and your individual tutor group for the first six months, then monthly for a further six months
  • Get quarterly 1:1 sessions with me, for the full year of your course.

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