Got Imposter Syndrome? Here’s How To Handle It!

Want to know how to handle Imposter Syndrome? Real strategies that actually work, rather than just how to 'cope' with it?

I've spent nearly two decades specialising in empowering people to set themselves free from Imposter Syndrome. During that time, I've led two international research studies and written the best-selling book, Ditching Imposter Syndrome.

This entire website has been created to support you on your journey to setting yourself free from Imposter Syndrome, one step at a time. And it's time to ditch the well-intentioned myths and coping strategies that fill the internet, because you deserve more than that!

With the strategies in Ditching Imposter Syndrome and on this website, you can start creating breakthroughs by the end of the day, today.
How To Handle Imposter Syndrome In Minutes Not Months_ From Clare Josa

One of the biggest Imposter Syndrome myths is that it's incurable. It's not. It's just that most people don't actually know how to handle Imposter Syndrome. So they recommend mindset-level strategies to 'cope' with it, not realising Imposter Syndrome is actually an identity-level issue, so you need to go deeper to clear out the triggers for it.

And one of the most common traps when it comes to dealing with Imposter Syndrome is our subconscious addiction to what I call the 'Imposter Syndrome bridge of coping strategies' - which is a really bad idea!

If you're hungry to dive in and get started right now with handling Imposter Syndrome, here are three easy actions you can take:

How To Handle Imposter Syndrome

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