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My big dream behind creating this website (and writing Ditching Imposter Syndrome) is to create a wave of change around the world. [Don't know me yet - I'm Clare Josa - hello].

  • I want to make it easy for people to find the research-based facts about Imposter Syndrome and how to handle it, rather than the well-intentioned advice on the internet that can actually make it worse
  • I want to get us all ditching the taboo that surrounds Imposter Syndrome, where we feel ashamed of speaking up about it or asking for support - so that it becomes as acceptable to get help to clear it as it is to ask for, say, training on Microsoft Office
  • I want to inspire and empower you to truly set yourself free from Imposter Syndrome, so you can make the difference you are really here to make in the world. No more coping strategies!

I've spent the past 18 years specialising in Imposter Syndrome, so that you don't have to anymore.

Ditching Imposter Syndrome Start Here - Clare Josa

So on this 'start here' page, there's a round-up of the most useful resources that are waiting here for you, wherever you are on your Ditching Imposter Syndrome journey.

Shall we dive in?

x Clare

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Don't Know Clare Josa Yet?

Author | Speaker | Leadership Mentor

Clare Josa is considered the UK's leading authority on Imposter Syndrome, having spent nearly 20 years specialising in the field, including publishing the landmark 2019 Imposter Syndrome Research Study and her latest book: Ditching Imposter Syndrome, which already has readers in over 30 countries.

After a corporate career in engineering, specialising in Six Sigma, and as Head of Market Research for one of the world’s most disruptive brands, since 2003 she has specialised in helping leaders and high-achievers to clear out the glass ceilings they never realised they had put in their own way.

An expert in the neuroscience and psychology of performance, add to this the demystified wisdom that inspires her Soul-Engineered Solutions, and you'll get to experience transformation at the deepest levels, in ways that are fast, fun and forever.

She is the author of eight books and has been interviewed by the likes of The Independent, The Daily Telegraph and Radio 4, amongst others [add your publication or show to the list here]. Clare speaks internationally on ditching Imposter Syndrome, the Natural Resilience Method™ for preventing burnout, closing the gender pay gap, and how to change the world by changing yourself.

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