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Whether you're looking for yourself, for your team, for your organisation, to help clients, or for a loved-one, I've spent over 17 years specialising in helping people to ditch Imposter Syndrome, to make it as easy as possible for you! The Imposter Syndrome courses I now share are available online, for the duration of the Covid pandemic, after which some face-to-face programmes will resume.

My Imposter Syndrome courses work at different levels, depending on how deep and fast a transformation you're looking for. 

Ditching Imposter Syndrome Book by Clare Josa

And remember that, if you're a self-starter, and you've got my latest book - Ditching Imposter Syndrome - it has a VIP Readers' Resource Vault, with:

  • videos
  • MP3s
  • audios to guide you through each exercise
  • bonus masterclasses
  • and 3 months' invitation-only access to my monthly Q&A calls for hot seat mentoring with me

... turning the book into an online Imposter Syndrome Course for you.

Change Your Life Today With One Of Clare's Courses

Here's A Tour Of My Current Imposter Syndrome Courses

If you'd like me to run a bespoke Imposter Syndrome training programme for your organisation, please get in touch here. One of the most popular options is to run an in-house round of Stepping Up To Lead

Free Training:
How To Press Pause On Your Inner Critic In Under Sixty Seconds

  • Press pause on a bout of Imposter Syndrome in under a minute
  • Take the first steps to rewiring your brain to stop beating you up
  • Avoid the one fatal flaw that means positive thinking falls flat
  • Discover how to start turning your inner critic into a genuine cheerleader, without pretending
  • Choose which version of this training you want - tailored to your needs

Imposter Syndrome Kickstart

  • This foundation-level Imposter Syndrome course is perfect for getting you fast results on taming your inner critic
  • Work on long-term strategies, as well as my Emergency Quick Fixes for Imposter Syndrome
  • Create breakthroughs fast with my 5-day Kickstart programme
  • Get my much-loved 'ABC' training to be able to press pause on negative self-talk in under sixty seconds
  • Get VIP access to the Ditching Imposter Syndrome Readers' Vault
  • How to facilitate empowering, positive discussions about Imposter Syndrome in the workplace

Imposter Syndrome Awareness Training For HR & Line Managers

Available full-day, half-day, or 90-minute introductory workshop.

  • What Imposter Syndrome is / isn't and how it differs from lack of confidence (based on data from the research study)
  • How to spot it in a team member, even if they're hiding it well
  • Practical ways to help them press 'pause' on it, as an 'emergency stop'
  • How to give 'Imposter-Syndrome-safe' feedback, especially in performance reviews
  • How to determine whether they need longer-term support and what form would work best for them
  • How to facilitate empowering, positive discussions about Imposter Syndrome in the workplace

Stepping Up To Lead™

  • Ground-breaking leadership development programme, available in-house or as an open enrolment public course
  • Start by turning your inner critic into a genuine cheerleader
  • Move on to ditching Imposter Syndrome and comfort zones
  • Step up to become the leader you were born to be
  • Described by students as 'life-changing' and 'transformational'
  • Takes just 2-3 hours per week for 12 weeks

Certified Imposter Syndrome Mentor™ Training

12 month part time CPD accredited training. In-house or join one of two UK-based public rounds per year.

  • Unique post-grad coaching and mentoring development programme
  • Practical, inspirational, and designed to create breakthroughs
  • Blend of self-study, group calls, 1:1 mentoring and practical work
  • Takes 2-3 hours per week
  • Certifies students as Imposter Syndrome Mentors and counts as CPD for most regulatory bodies

imposter syndrome masterclasses with clare josa

I run regular live masterclasses on Imposter Syndrome

What every coach, mentor and line manager needs to know - plus how to help yourself.

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