How To Download The Research Study White Paper

Thank you for asking for the white paper from the 2019 Imposter Syndrome Research Study.

There will be an email with the subject

"Imposter Syndrome Research: White Paper"

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If you can't find the email - despite best efforts, it may be in your spam / promo folder - please let me know and my team will help.

Want Me To Take Your Team Through The Research?

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  • Take your team through the research - in-person or via video conferencing
  • Run a workshop for you to go through the research and then look at how Imposter Syndrome might be affecting your teams
  • Work with you as a leadership consultant, to do the above and then help you to draw up your policies and action plans
  • Deliver bespoke in-house training for your leaders and their teams (includes the option of online programmes, face-to-face or hybrid)
  • Work 1:1 with key leaders who need deep-dive support on this
  • Train your in-house coaches to become certified Imposter Syndrome Coaches (TM)

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