How Imposter Syndrome Impacts Organisations

1 in 10 employees considers quitting their job every single day, due to Imposter Syndrome or burnout (the two are very closely linked). And that figure rises to 1 in 4, for those thinking about it every week.

Of those who go through with leaving, near-zero will tell you that Imposter Syndrome was the cause. And many don't quit, instead they ask for sabbaticals, or leave of absence, or end up on sick leave.

But it's not just retention of your best team members that it impacts. It's also productivity, performance, team dynamics, creativity and innovation, and - ultimately - profit.

Here's an overview of what Imposter Syndrome is, the proven link with burnout, how to spot the hidden warning signs, and how it could be affecting your organisation. It's a 10-minute excerpt from a live masterclass I ran and you can watch the full 60-minute version here.

Time To Take Action On Imposter Syndrome?

Clare Josa's science-backed Natural Resilience Method® is a proven, five-step process to help people to set themselves free from Imposter Syndrome and burnout, once and for all.

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