Get Certified To Support Others With Imposter Syndrome

There's only one Clare, but so many millions who struggle with Imposter Syndrome.

That's why she has created certification programmes for people who want to help others with Imposter Syndrome.

If you're someone who people come to for advice with Imposter Syndrome and you ever find yourself wondering about what to say, or worried you might be doing the wrong thing, this is for you!

Whether you're a line manager, HR professional, Mental Health First-Aider, coach, therapist, or simply someone who loves to make a difference, Clare's certification programmes will give you the courage, confidence, and competence to help people to set themselves free from Imposter Syndrome, safely and effectively, once and for all. No more coping strategies!

Why I Can't Ditch Imposter Syndrome For You - Clare Josa

The courses are designed to teach you the life-changing strategies from Clare's Natural Resilience Method®, so you can help colleagues and clients to get breakthroughs in minutes, not months.

They're grounded in Clare's 20 years of researching, experimenting, teaching, and teaching these strategies to hundreds of thousands of people. It's all broken down into busy-person-friendly bite-sized chunks.

These science-backed, proven training programmes start with you clearing your own Imposter Syndrome, then you learn how to do that safely and effectively with others.

The certification courses are an inspired, proven blend of online self-study modules, with small-group tutorial calls and non-scary implementation assignments that fit in with even the busiest of diaries.

The courses run at two levels:


Become a certified Practitioner in Clare's Natural Resilience Method®, which underpins all of her Imposter Syndrome work. And then you'll be able to help the majority of people who struggle with Imposter Syndrome to do the foundation-level work to set themselves free from it.


Become an Imposter Syndrome Master Coach. Only for experienced coaches and therapists: start with the foundation programme and then move onto the mastery-level training, to deal with the deeper root causes of Imposter Syndrome. Ideal for working with clients who are in senior roles or highly visible.

  • Both of these programmes are recognised by coaching insurers and are certified by the UK's Institute of Leadership and Management.
  • They also come with CPD certificates, which should be accepted as evidence of annual Continued Professional Development by your regulatory body.

Foundation: Become A Natural Resilience Method® Practitioner

There are three options to join Clare for this training:


Run it in-house:
You can book the foundation-level training as an in-house training for your organisation, for a minimum of 20 delegates. Please contact us to enquire about this.


Join a public cohort:

You can send between 2 and 5 people on Clare's twice-yearly public-access cohorts. We can invoice your employer directly, or you can confirm your place by credit card and claim it back (with permission, obviously!)


Funding it yourself:

You can confirm your place on the next cohort right now, using the button below. You can either pay up-front by credit card, or set up a payment plan at a bursary rate.

Find out more about becoming a Natural Resilience Method® Facilitator here:

Become An Imposter Syndrome Master Coach

Joining at mastery level is by application only, to ensure that all delegates really do have coaching or therapy experience.

But that doesn't have to be formal training. And both in-house and external coaches are eligible.

Find out more about becoming an Imposter Syndrome Master Coach and how to apply here:

Not sure which level is right for you?

Take our free scorecard quiz to find out, and get your personalised action plan to take your Imposter Syndrome coaching skills to the next level.

Prefer to train, rather than coach?

Find out how to apply for Clare's Imposter Syndrome Trainer certification programme and you'll be able to deliver Clare's courses for your employer or for your external clients, with courage, confidence and passion.

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