Imposter Syndrome Myths: Why it’s time to stop ignoring them

The internet is full of Imposter Syndrome myths, which most people don't realise keep us stuck. They block our efforts to set ourselves free from it.

These include things you read in magazines and website interviews and articles every day - because people pass on the myths they never realised were keeping them stuck, wanting to help others.

In this episode of Ditching Imposter Syndrome, you'll learn why the myths keep us stuck, as well as my surprisingly simple self-mentoring question to uncover what your myths are - so you can start setting yourself free from them!

It's the key to giving yourself hope that maybe *this time* it will work!

Here's What We'll Cover About The Imposter Syndrome Myths

  • What are Imposter Syndrome Myths?
  • How do they keep us stuck, feeling like a fraud?
  • Why do people share them so much?
  • The one surprisingly simple self-mentoring question that can uncover yours
  • How to clear them out in the next five days - as my gift

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The Imposter Syndrome Myths - Transcript

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So today is all about ditching Imposter Syndrome myths. I've got a whole section on these in stitching Imposter Syndrome when I prepared earlier that, yes, if you've not read it, go and get it. It's a great book, totally as I am. But people tell me the Imposter Syndrome myths, these are things like, it's incurable, I need it to perform, it's a sign of high potential. I wouldn't be where I am now without my Imposter Syndrome, and if I didn't have Imposter Syndrome, or I'd be arrogant.

It's quite a long list. And the reason these are a problem and the reason they are one of the first things I tackle with people when we work together on Imposter Syndrome, whether it's through the books, through self study, whether it's in my Imposter Syndrome boot camp, whether it's on one of my mentor or first aid or trainings, is, let's clear out the myths. So the Imposter Syndrome myths keep us stuck because the unconscious mind won't let us make a change it believes is impossible or dangerous. So if I'm telling myself a story but Imposter Syndrome is incurable and anyway, I'd be a failure without it. Look at my success without Imposter syndrome, where would I be?

It's very likely that your unconscious mind, which is the bit that's running the show, it's going to go, you're not doing anything to ditch it. Now, just imagine if you ditched it, you'd be lying in a gutter and you'd be fired from your job and you'd be arrogant and everybody would hate you and you'd have been a failure. So these myths can really hold us back and we don't even realise we're running them. So there is a self mentoring question that you can ask yourself to uncover your myths and then with most of them, you can look at them and go, yeah, that's rubbish, but there might be some that make you go a bit of a flinch. And they are the ones that you need to clear out to be able to then ditch Imposter Syndrome so you don't sabotage the success of what you're doing to set yourself free from it.

So the self mentoring question is actually a statement: "I can't ditch Imposter syndrome, because..."

"I can't ditch Imposter Syndrome, because..."

Let five, six, seven answers bubble up without editing. Write them down so they don't just go spinning in your head and then go through them. Some of them, you'll just go, now, don't leave that one. But then you'll find there'll be two or three where you think, oh, okay, I do need to deal with that. And you don't have to clear them out completely.

It's about softening them and starting to challenge them to create the space and the hope in your unconscious mind and your self talk that maybe you can do something about this and maybe you can set yourself free from this and maybe this time it will work. So I've got a gift for you. If this has resonated with you today, I've actually got a free five day training on ditching. Ditching Imposter Syndrome myths. It's usually paid, but I want to give you two weeks access to go and dive in and make the most of that.

You can find it at Go and sign up for it today. And if you found this video useful, please share it far and wide. And make sure you subscribe and press that little bell thing so you catch every episode. And I'd love to see you on Ditching Imposter Syndrome Myths training to really get into it out, so you can start ditching and postal syndrome.

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