Updating Or Stopping Your Payments

Need To Update Your Billing Information?

If you've got a Courage Club subscription and need to update your billing information, such as your payment card or billing address, you can do so here:


The system then sends you a secure link to update your information. Please note: we don't have any access at all to your payment card details (and rightly so), so please use that link to update your information on the secure platform.

You'll get an email from ThriveCart, who handle our secure payment processing, with a single-use link for you to access your payment profile.

Want To Cancel Your Membership?

We'll be sorry to see you go!

Please note: if you cancel your subscription, then your in-app data is deleted, so you would lose things like your progress records and favourite lessons, as well as all virtual journal and discussion thread entries.

There are two ways to cancel your membership, depending on whether you registered direct via our website (Courage Club) or via the app store (Essentials Membership).

Courage Club:

We don't have access to your billing information - and rightly so. To get a one-time-login for your billing / subscription management, use the link below and type your email address from your subscription into the box and click the 'Send Me My Link' button.


You'll get an email from ThriveCart, who handle our payment processing, with a single-use link for you to securely access your payment profile.

Follow the instructions on the page that link takes you to, to update your billing details or cancel your subscription.

Want To Downgrade to Essentials Membership?

If, instead of leaving completely, you'd rather downgrade to Essentials membership, then please add Essentials membership to your app before cancelling Courage Club membership.

That way your course progress and favourites data is preserved.

You can do that by going to the 'Discover' tab in your app and following the instructions to add Essentials membership.

Then come back here and follow the instructions, above, to cancel your Courage Club membership. 

Essentials Membership: (In-app purchase)

Please go to the FAQs course inside the app and click on the 'Billing etc' section. Click on the relevant lesson, depending on whether you subscribed via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

That will give you the current instructions.

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