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One of the biggest problems with Imposter Syndrome is the fact that it can feel like you're alone - that you are the only person lying awake at 3am, worrying that 'they' might 'find out you're not good enough'.

And, whilst Ditching Imposter Syndrome contains everything you need to clear it out, once and for all (I hold nothing back), reading a book is still a solo-thing. It's easy to put it down and never come back to it, unless you have accountability and moral support.

And being able to get answers to your questions, to celebrate your successes, and to be inspired by others' breakthroughs, can be life-changing, in addition to the strategies you already have in the book.

That accountability makes the vital difference between just reading and implementing what's in your book - and guess which gets you better results?

Here's What Ditch Your Imps! Members Get:

VIP Resources

You will have instant access to all of the VIP videos, masterclasses and MP3s in the Readers' Vault (combined, usually costing over £600 - they ROCK!). 

Members tell me this feels like I'm walking by their side, supporting them in person, as they work through the how-to in the book.

Create Breakthroughs: Fast

Get my Ditching Imposter Syndrome Kickstart. ​​​​

This gets you creating breakthroughs and fast-tracking your Imposter Syndrome journey in just five days.

Accountability & Support

You'll have the private Facebook group for daily support, so you can get answers to your questions & celebrate your successes, wherever you are in the world.

Here Are Some Of Your Ditch Your Imps! VIP Resources:

Ditching Imposter Syndrome Kickstart

This inspirational 5-day training gets you creating breakthroughs within the next week. All in bite-sized, five-minute chunks.

  • Fast-track your results with minimum effort
  • Described by students as 'life-changing'
  • Costs £97 if purchased separately

Emergency Quick Fix Training

Not one but two fabulous emergency quick fixes are waiting for you with this one.

One takes sixty seconds, the other takes five minutes. Both stop Imposter Syndrome in its tracks.

  • Take these strategies with you, on-the-go
  • Play with these daily to rewire your brain!
  • Costs £47 if purchased separately

Deep-Dive Masterclasses

60-minute masterclasses on topics including how to ‘magically’ make more time, pain-free comfort zone stretching, and how to clear out-of-date beliefs.

These would normally be £97 each.

  • Students say the 'time' masterclass has transformed their productivity, with less effort & stress
  • Learn how to apply the Ditching Imposter Syndrome techniques to any comfort zone / limiting belief situation
  • Current masterclasses would be £300 if purchased separately

Bonus How-To Videos

These cover topics that there wasn't space for in the group and teach you how to apply the strategies from Ditching Imposter Syndrome to other areas in life.

They cover everything from giving Imposter-Syndrome-safe feedback, to resetting your stress levels, to making visualisation actually work for you.

  • They're all bite-sized - you can learn to apply this stuff in less time than it takes to drink a cup of tea.
  • They're there as your 'where else could I use this stuff?' inspiration
  • Would be over £200 IF they were available separately.

And there's no rush. As A Ditch Your Imps! member, you can access these at your own pace, whenever you have time.

Who Is Ditch Your Imps! For?

It's not for everyone. But it is perfect for you, if:

This Is For You!

  • You're committed to making the changes you need to finally feel good enough & become the leader you were born to be
  • You're excited at the thought of getting to share inspiration with others
  • You're up for participating in the community - giving as much as you receive
  • You're able to stay positive and don't project your inner pain onto others
  • You're 100% in on respecting everyone's privacy - what is said within the group stays within the group
  • You take responsibility for the results you get - and you know that you have to actually do the work, to create the breakthroughs

Not A Good Fit

  • You spend a lot of your time complaining about life not being 'fair'
  • You feel like the victim and life 'happens' to you
  • You're not really committed to making changes
  • You feel better when you drag others down, rather than lifting them up
  • You secretly know you're a 'taker' and don't give back, once others have helped you

I Want To Join Ditch Your Imps!

Just imagine how 2020 will feel, once your inner critic no longer runs the show! 

A Full Year's Access For Just £97



  • VIP Readers' Vault Resources
  • Accountability, unblocking & virtual cheerleadering in the Facebook group
  • Create breakthroughs fast, with the 5-day Ditching Imposter Syndrome Kickstart programme
  • No tie-in - stay a member for as long as you love it!

No tie-in or sneaky renewals. We'll send you reminders a few weeks before your anniversary each year, so that staying a member becomes a genuine choice, not an accident.

We want you to love your Ditch Your Imps! membership!

Got Questions? FAQs:

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Clare Josa uses her extensive knowledge and practical skill to provide a resource that anyone can use to start their journey to kick Imposter Syndrome to the curb; for once and for all!

Jessica Lorimer

Founder Of Smart Leaders Sell

Clare's background as an engineering and NLP Trainer, PLUS her life experience, uniquely qualifies her at THE person to deconstruct the art and science of bypassing your mental and emotional blocks and setting yourself free from Imposter Syndrome.

Nancy Marmolejo

Executive Coach

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