Is Imposter Syndrome A Superpower?

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Is Imposter Syndrome a superpower to be cherished, or something that's holding you back?

So many people say that Imposter Syndrome is the driver behind their success.

But what's really happening?

How does Imposter Syndrome impact your results, both from a psychology and mindset perspective. And what does the world of neuroscience say about Imposter Syndrome's impact.

Find out where the belief that Imposter Syndrome is a superpower comes from, and what you could be doing, instead.

And make the most of the additional podcast episode, below this video.

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Surely everyone should have Imposter Syndrome, because if you don't, it means you're not pushing yourself hard enough?

This falls under one of the super-common Imposter Syndrome myths: that you need Imposter Syndrome to succeed - that Imposter Syndrome is a superpower.

In this episode we're going to explore why that's wrong, and how it can actually hold you back and cause you to trash your success. And I'll share practical things you can do instead to boost your confidence, and to succeed, without pushing on through the fear.

What you'll discover today:

  • Why do we feel we have to push ourselves?
  • The subconscious lie that 'gurus' are telling us when they say they only got to where they are because of Imposter Syndrome
  • The little-known mistake that means people think 'everyone has Imposter Syndrome
  • How Imposter Syndrome can motivate us - but also limit us
  • The secret reason why I got the degree grade I did (and how this triggered Imposter Syndrome)
  • Debunking the myth that Imposter Syndrome is a sign of being a high-achiever
  • Why success can make Imposter Syndrome worse
  • The two types of stress, and the one we really need to succeed
  • The 3 pillars of Imposter Syndrome and why this makes Imposter Syndrome context-dependent

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About the author

Clare Josa

Clare is considered a global authority in the fields of Imposter Syndrome, burnout and toxic resilience, and has been an international keynote speaker for over 20 years.

The author of 8 books, a reformed engineer and the former Head of Market Research for one of the world's most disruptive brands, she blends research-backed practical inspiration with demystified ancient wisdom, to help you create breakthroughs in ways that are fast, fun and forever.

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