Ditching Imposter Syndrome: Podcasts & Interviews

Catch Up With Some Of Clare's Latest Interviews About Ditching Imposter Syndrome

How to stop Imposter Syndrome from getting in the way of your career

Eleanor Tweddell, founder of 'Another Door', interviews Clare on how to make sure Imposter Syndrome doesn't keep you 'playing small' on your career, plus how to pivot to find a role you love that matches your innate talents.

The little voice keeping you from your dreams

Bob Gentle is a digital marketing guru who normally talks about how to maximise the impact of your online efforts.

But in this episode of his Amplify podcast, he and Clare Josa chat about how Imposter Syndrome gets in the way of our dreams - starting with that inner critic's voice in our heads that tells us we're not good enough.

How Is Imposter Syndrome Getting In the Way Of Your Million Dollar Success?

Sara Moseley runs the Million Dollar Online Business Club and she interviewed Clare about how Imposter Syndrome gets in the way of our success, even with the best business plan in the world.

In this upbeat session, Sara gets stopped in her tracks when Clare explains the little-known true cause of Imposter Syndrome - and how we can set ourselves free from it.

Imposter Syndrome Happens In Russia, Too!

In this livestreamed interview, Russian blogger Varvara Lyalyagina talks with Clare about Imposter Syndrome, its causes and how to spot it.

Clare gets to do some live coaching with attendees and helps people with topics as diverse as how to stop Imposter Syndrome from getting in the way of writing your first book through to clearing out procrastination.

Is Imposter Syndrome Sabotaging Your Marketing?

Alison Teare is a marketing mentor who runs The Simply Marketing Show podcast.

She talked with Clare about what Imposter Syndrome is - and isn't - and the '4 Ps' model of how to spot it, before it causes you to sabotage your dreams.

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