About Clare Josa

Clare Josa was fifteen when she first discovered her passion for how people tick - and wanting to help them to be happier and get to be who they really are. It took another fifteen years, via a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering & German, ten years specialising in Lean Manufacturing, becoming Head of Market Research at Dyson and then studying to become an NLP Trainer, before she finally made it her official, full-time obsession.

Since 2002 she has mentored and taught thousands of business leaders, entrepreneurs and passionate world changers how to change the world by changing themselves - getting out of their own way.

She specialises in the 'stuff' that's left once someone has done the work on mindset and attitude. And if you work with Clare, you'll find it's a 'sticky plaster free zone' - no more papering over the cracks and creating coping strategies. She'll help you to deep-dive on the triggers for things like Imposter Syndrome and subconscious self-sabotage, so you no longer have to worry about feeling stuck, dreaming big, but playing small.

And Clare's mantra is that changing your life can be fast, fun and forever. So her work, grounded in an engineer's practical common sense, always comes with a generous dollop of humour.

As a certified meditation & yoga teacher, she loves to weave in demystified ancient wisdom that helps you to change your life - and the world - in less time than it takes a kettle to boil. Her clients call it 'engineer-approved woo-woo'. It's the secret to why working with Clare can create breakthroughs so quickly.

How To Tell Whether Working With Clare Josa Is Right For You?

If you're just setting out on your journey, then you'll love Clare Josa's books and her online courses. You might want to join a workshop or a group programme.

But if you're at the stage where you've already experienced success and those secret 3am fears are still keeping you up at night, worrying about your next big step, then working one-to-one with Clare is the perfect way to set yourself free to become even more of who you really are and to make a bigger difference in the world.

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