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Here Are Your Ditching Imposter Syndrome Launch Team Resources

Please bookmark this page, because it includes everything you need to know to make the most of being in the Launch Team for Ditching Imposter Syndrome.

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Launches 30th September


The promotion period runs for the whole of Q4 2019.

The Products

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LIVE: The Book: Ditching Imposter Syndrome

NEARLY THERE: VIP Readers' Vault

COMING SOON: The Mastermind

COMING SOON: 3-Month 1:1 Intensive

Ideas To Help Spread The Word

Share on social media - graphics & swipe files are available

Interview me on your podcast about the research & solutions

Co-run an online masterclass for your team or tribe

Ask me to do a guest article for your website or in-house publication

Use the hashtags in your social media posts

Ask me to write about Imposter Syndrome for your newsletter

Book me to speak at  your event - online or face-to-face

Share your story and inspire others to take action


How Are Referrals Tracked?

When Are Payments Made?

What If Someone Pays By Instalments?

What About Word-Of-Mouth Referrals?

Can I Get Paid Without PayPal?

Got A Question That Hasn't Been Covered?

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